UAE Creates A Fund Of 800 Million Dollars To Develop Its Space Industry

The Space Agency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced this Sunday the creation of an investment fund endowed with more than 800 million dollars to develop this sector, with which it has managed to place a probe in Mars orbit and with which points to the Moon and Venus, among other projects.

The fund will serve to support public-private cooperation programs for which it is intended to attract both national and international companies , reported the official Emirati news agency, WAM, when publishing the announcement.

“A program and long-term plan for the development of the Emirati space sector is underway to create economic opportunities, new jobs and help create global partnerships, ” said Minister of State for Public Education and President of the Emirati Space Agency. , Sarah bint Yousef al Amiri, according to WAM.

The first project to be launched with the support of this fund, he added, is a constellation of advanced remote sensing satellites with SAR (synthetic aperture radar) technology, which allows capturing satellite images capable of penetrating clouds and even the ground.

The program to develop this group of satellites, which will be called Sirb (“flock of birds” in Arabic), will last six years and it is planned to launch the first of them within three, the agency points out.

The images generated by SAR technology, which has been used in fields such as urban planning, archeology or weather forecasting, may be applied in the scientific, civil and commercial fields for land use management, control of ice sheets or changes in the earth’s surface, among other functions.

The Emirates, with just 9.8 million inhabitants but significant oil revenues, became the fifth space power to reach Mars last year by putting a probe into its orbit and has announced a mission to put an explorer on the Moon for 2024 and another to explore Venus from 2028.

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