The INAEM Announces Grants Of Up To 15,600 Euros

The Department of Economy, Planning and Employment, through the INAEM, announces subsidies to promote the stable and quality hiring of qualified young people, one of the measures included in the Aragonese Plan for the Improvement of Youth Employability (PAMEJ). The Official Gazette of Aragon (BOA) publishes this call this Friday, endowed with 1,070,000 euros, which includes aid of up to 15,600 euros.

The main novelties with respect to previous editions of these aids are the increase in the amounts and the incorporation of subsidies for training contracts that allow unemployed people under 35 to obtain professional practice, which are added to those already existing for indefinite contracts. of this collective.

Subsidies for indefinite contracts -equivalent to the costs of Social Security for the first 24 months- vary depending on the contribution group in which the professional category of the young person hired falls, and range from 11,200.32 euros for workers in group 4 up to 15,641.28 euros if they belong to group 1. In the case of aid for training contracts, the amounts range from 5,600.16 euros for workers in group 4 to 7,820.64 euros for those in group 1.

In addition, both in subsidies for indefinite contracts and training contracts, these amounts will be increased by an additional 10% if the person hired is a woman and if the workplace is located in a municipality with less than 5,000 inhabitants, and 50% if it is a victim of gender violence.

Through these aids, the Aragonese Employment Institute is committed to promoting the stable and quality hiring of qualified young people. With them, employment and job training opportunities are generated for unemployed Aragonese up to 35 years of age and, at the same time, companies are supported by mitigating the salary costs derived from the hiring of new workers for jobs related to their university degree, professional training or job training.

This call for subsidies was launched in 2018, within the framework of the first Aragonese Plan for the Improvement of Youth Employability and is maintained in the second edition of PAMEJ, again agreed between the Government of Aragon and the social agents. Only last year, these grants made it possible to support the hiring of a total of 69 Aragonese up to 35 years of age in 57 different companies.

Aragonese companies, freelancers and non – profit entities can apply for these subsidies for contracts made in our Community between May 31 and October 15 of this year.

The deadline for submitting applications is 15 days from the date of registration in the Social Security of the person hired or from this same Friday in case the contract has been formalized before the publication in the BOA of this call.

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