The Best Tricks To Get The Cheapest Plane Tickets From Revenge Tourism

The price of fuel, the increase in demand and the loss of mistrust associated with the pandemic are translating into an increase in air fares compared to previous years. In Spain, prices have increased by 45% on average in trips booked during 2022 for the month of July compared to the same month of the previous year and, in August, they have grown by 13% more, according to the latest study by , website specializing in flights and travel.

But finding cheap flights on these dates is no legend. Who doesn’t have the typical friend who flies into a rage every time he hears about ticket prices and asks, “How can you pay so much for flights?” It is true that it is not an easy task and that, on many occasions, the luck factor is the one that has the most weight, but we are going to give some guidelines and tips to follow that can help you save a little when buying the plane tickets for these holidays:

– Comparators and search engines: flight search engines/comparators are one of the first recommendations. There are multiple options on the market, such as: Skyscanner, Kayak, eDreams, Kiwi or Google Flights, among many others. All of them are very similar, although the first is possibly the most complete and well-known by travelers and one that offers the most options to filter searches. These search engines allow you to view the results by price, destination, dates … Some very useful tools that will facilitate the search.

– The sooner the better: it is best to organize yourself in advance, because, according to a recent Skyscanner study, leaving the purchase of a flight for the last day is not a good idea, since it can be between 25% and 45% more expensive . In fact, by booking more than a month in advance we can save 10% on short-haul flights, and up to 22% on long-haul flights.

– Avoid weekends: naturally, flights leaving on Fridays and returning on Sundays are the most expensive. In this sense, the working days are much cheaper, and it is advisable to increase the vacation by one or two days, if that is going to allow you to contract the departure on a Tuesday, for example, since according to the website, it is the busiest day . cheap to fly and you could save up to 12% .

– Getting up early is worth it: in addition to choosing the cheapest days, the savings will be even greater if we choose time slots in which nobody wants to travel , such as late at night or early in the morning, getting up early can hurt a bit less.

– The cheapest months: July and August are the most expensive months and should be avoided. In fact, if you book during September or October, months in which it is still possible to enjoy good temperatures, you can get prices up to 27.5% lower than during the high summer season.

– Review the official channels: it is advisable to visit the airline’s website. Many of the search engines and travel agencies have commissions on the sale, so the price can be cheaper through the official channels of the airline.

– Alternative routes: contracting flights with a stopover lengthens the hours of the trip, it is true, but they are considerably cheaper than the direct ones and can be organized in such a way that enough time is left free to visit the city where the transfer is made and, thus, meet several destinations during the same trip.

– Delete cookies: thanks to the use of the famous cookies that store data from our searches and visited pages, airlines can vary the prices observed at the beginning of the search. For this reason, it is recommended to delete cookies before starting or searching from another device and another internet connection.

It is important to remember that the search for cheap airline tickets is not a certain science and that tricks and recommendations are not always applicable, nor are they infallible, but most of them do not take too much time, and can become significant savings, so it is always advisable to try them before buying the final ticket.

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