Draghi Does Not Want To Repeat As Prime Minister

Italy rushes to early elections, after the populist 5-Star Movement decided on Thursday not to vote on the motion of confidence in the Mario Draghi Executive . Next Wednesday Draghi will appear in front of the Senate to communicate his resignations and lead a debate on the political crisis, as requested by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The prime minister will travel to Algeria on Monday to seal an agreement on gas supplies and will return to Rome on Tuesday.

At the moment there do not seem to be many possibilities that the former banker will continue in the presidency of the Government, as requested by the progressive Democratic Party and the Italia Viva center formation. In fact, the two center-right formations that supported the Executive, Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and Matteo Salvini’s League, declared that in the face of the “irresponsibility” of the 5-Star Movement (M5E) they do not want other agreements with the populist formation. The M5E for its part, after the refusal to vote on the confidence motion for Draghi, is submerged in a deep internal division.?

Draghi himself, before the crisis, had made it clear that he was not willing to preside over another Executive with a majority other than the “national unity” that gave life to his cabinet in February 2021. Draghi has always made it a condition of his stay to the presidency of the Government the support of a very large majority (that is, all the parties with the exception of the right-wing Brothers of Italy), the only possible formula to guarantee the effectiveness of the Executive and comply with the reform agenda linked to the European recovery plan .

Now Draghi does not want to expose himself to long months of political tensions and negotiations until the natural end of the legislature, which in any case would be scheduled for spring 2023. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, also made it clear on several occasions that the “unity national” was the last chance to avoid early elections .?

The parties have been notified and the next few days will be crucial to decide the future of the country. By confirming the early elections, it would be the first time in Italy’s busy political history that elections are held in the fall. The risk is an extension of the Budgets at a very delicate moment for the Italian economy, without the subsidies and aid that Draghi was preparing to support families and companies.

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