Network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Be Expanded by MLGW Grant

In an effort to get a piece of what will eventually be a multimillion-dollar market, investors from the private and public sectors are setting up a number of charging stations on busy routes, entertainment venues, and recreational areas.

As investors seek to capitalize on what is expected to become a multibillion-dollar market opportunity fueled by rising demand for e-mobility, the construction of electric vehicle charging points is gaining traction. The most recent winner in Tennessee.

Tennessee is converting the lies of Volkswagen into electric vehicle charging stations. In 2015, the carmaker openly acknowledged that, between 2009 and 2016, it had installed software in around 590,000 vehicles that were intended to evade emissions tests and mislead federal and state regulators. With a settlement of $14.9 billion, the United States Department of Justice settled its lawsuit against Volkswagen.

This week, Memphis Light, Gas & Water (MLGW) received a portion of the funding for the installation of fast-charging infrastructure for EVs. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) awarded $5.2 million to 12 organizations as the source of the funds.

David Salyers, who is a commissioner of the TDEC, remarked, “We are pleased we can use these monies in ways that help all motorists using electric vehicles.” “This is a strategy to remain ahead of that demand as we swiftly move toward more EVs (electric vehicles) on our roadways.”

At 13 locations, 32 charging stations will be paid for by the 12 entities. All of them are designed to aid in the development of the Fast Charge TN Network by TDEC and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Every 50 miles along Tennessee’s major highways and interstates, the scheme intends to build a network of fast-charging stations.

According to TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash, electrifying transportation is essential to helping our country reach its goals for energy security and carbon reduction. “Today, owing to Governor [Bill] Lee and TDEC, our area is the country’s nexus for [EV] technology and manufacturing. This funding highlights how we can propel the Tennessee Valley more and faster, collectively, to make a cleaner future a reality.”

The new stations, according to MLGW, would strengthen its current network of over 100 public charging stations spread out across Shelby County. Only that the awards are for places “along designated interstate or main highway circuits around the state” were provided by the utility in lieu of specifics about where the new stations will be located.

“Together, we will increase public access to quick, simple EV charging, allaying concerns about range anxiety and establishing EV charging as a more prominent activity, so that when citizens and businesses take into account their next car purchase, they also examine electric vehicle alternatives,” stated J.T. Young, MLGW president, and CEO. “MLGW is pleased to TDEC for this financial opportunity, and we are looking forward more to running fast-charging facilities which serve Shelby County residents, companies, and tourists.”

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