Five energy facilities are opened by Eurowind Energy

The North Jutland energy firm will seek to complete five sizable land-based energy facilities in Denmark during the following years. Eurowind Energy will launch them. A combined 2.5 GW will be the capacity of the five energy hubs.

The first one is Energipark Aalborg, which is situated at Nordjyllandsvaerket in Aalborg and is going to receive additional power from turbines in the Brnderslev Municipality. Nrrekr Enge II in the Vesthimmerland and Aalborg municipalities, Energipark Overgaard in the Randers municipality, and Energipark Gasse Hede and Vollum Enge in the Tnder municipality are the other four projects.

With regard to the use of the property for all five programs, Eurowind Energy has agreements in place with the landowners. In addition to already being Denmark’s biggest onshore wind complex, Overgaard Energy Park has also submitted a request for permission to build over 700 hectares of the solar PV. With regard to the projects Nrrekr Enge II, Vollum Enge, and Gasse Hede, Eurowind Energy is in communication with the local governments, and planning is already beginning in Aalborg and Brnderslev.

Eurowind Energy’s CEO, Jens Rasmussen, stated: “We always begin with the fact that we have the legal authorization to utilize the property, so we can make a precise announcement. We have now progressed to the point where we can offer the broader viewpoints of our energy centers across all five projects. The projects all share the trait of being far more than simply another wind farm. These will be important hubs where enormous amounts of green energy are produced and handled.”

The concept, as per Eurowind Energy, calls for the inclusion of PtX, solar PV, batteries, and wind turbines in each of the five projects (hydrogen production). Additionally, research is being conducted on how to integrate biogas production and hydrogen refinement into the parks.

The foundation for us will always be solar PV plus wind turbines. They generate the environmentally friendly energy that is utilized in the energy center’s other areas. It’s already there. Additionally, we are utilizing battery technology to help the electrical grid maintain balance. At our facility at Greenlab Skive, we have previously tested batteries and will continue to do so. Additionally, all of our energy facilities as well as medium-sized energy parks rely on electrolysis. We have made significant progress in our efforts to integrate PtX into parks naturally,”¬†according to Jens Rasmussen. Likewise, Eurowind Energy is striving to integrate biogas and the subsequent stages of hydrogen refinement into the energy centers.

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